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Vatican, Rome - Italy, 2017

"I was 10 and although it was more than 30 years ago I can still clearly remember the moment when my mother bought me the first 35 mm film camera. Love for photography started immediately. I still have that camera on the book shelf in my working room to remind of those magic moments."


In 1999, Damir graduated as a computer science engineer as the youngest in the class. After that, he established his own software development company and started to create software. However, his love and penchant for photography had never stopped which led him to write his Master's thesis on JPEG 2000 image compression algorithm and wavelet transformation.


Few years ago he sent a photograph of his newborn baby to iStock company and it had an immediate success. Ever since, he has been exclusively creating and working on images for the companies iStock and Getty Images, and his photographs can be licensed only via those two companies.

He is the author of some of the most selling commercial images in the world. Some of the world's biggest companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Elle, Yahoo, Turkish Airlines and many others have been licensing his photographs.

He lives with his two beautiful daughters Sara and Naida and his amazing wife Melisa without whom, as Damir says, "his stories could have never be told ".

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